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Our mission is to enhance and diversify our economic landscape by empowering startups and SMBs to achieve successful launches.

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Our Startup program is dedicated to bridging the marketing gaps in your sales and marketing strategy. We understand that the success of your great idea and its potential relies heavily on your ability to effectively communicate it to both investors and your target audience. Starting a new startup is undoubtedly an exhilarating journey, but it also presents numerous communication challenges that must be overcome. That’s where our program steps in, offering tailored solutions to navigate these hurdles and propel your entrepreneurial venture towards the next level of funding.

We recognize the importance of presenting your startup in the best light possible to attract investors. Our program focuses on refining your pitch, enhancing your value proposition, and crafting a compelling narrative that captures the attention and interest of potential investors. By addressing communication gaps, we enable you to effectively convey the unique strengths and potential of your startup.

Moreover, connecting with your target audience is vital for gaining traction and securing customers. Our program assists you in developing an impactful marketing strategy that encompasses various channels and messaging techniques to effectively reach and engage your intended market. We provide valuable insights and guidance to optimize your online presence, content creation, and social media strategies.

With our program, you can overcome the communication challenges that often hinder startups and position yourself for success. By leveraging our expertise, tailored solutions, and industry insights, you can enhance your communication skills, effectively articulate your vision, and maximize your chances of securing the funding needed to drive your startup forward. Let us be your partner in navigating the intricate communication landscape and propelling your startup towards its full potential.


For SMBs

You’re on the brink of realizing your dream of running a thriving business. As a new owner of a small to medium-sized business, you’re well aware of the myriad challenges that lie ahead. From pricing strategies to logistical hurdles and acquiring new customers, the journey of small business ownership is anything but easy. However, with our SMB program, we’re here to provide the guidance and support you need to navigate these challenges and successfully launch and operate your small business.

Our program is specifically tailored to address the unique obstacles faced by small businesses. We understand the importance of pricing your products or services competitively while maintaining profitability, and we’ll assist you in developing a pricing strategy that strikes the right balance. Additionally, we’ll help you streamline your logistical operations, optimizing processes and minimizing inefficiencies to enhance productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Acquiring and retaining customers is crucial for the growth of your small business, and our program offers strategies and tactics to attract your target audience. We’ll guide you in implementing effective marketing campaigns, leveraging both online and offline channels to reach and engage potential customers. Whether it’s developing a compelling brand identity, creating engaging content, or utilizing social media platforms, we’ll equip you with the tools needed to make a lasting impression on your target market.

With our SMB program by your side, you can confidently navigate the complexities of small business ownership. We’re here to support you every step of the way, helping you overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and realize the full potential of your small business venture. Let us be your trusted partner in achieving lasting success.


Every Step and So Much More

Step 1

Go Forward Plan


During this time we review your goals and develop a comprehensive Go Forward Plan to take your company to the next level.

Step 2

Program Execution


Once the assessment is completed, we begin creating and developing the assets you need for your launch or scale up goals.

Step 3

Management & Mentorship


The work is far from over, our team is dedicated to supporting you in the seamless execution and efficient management every step of the way.

Get To Know Our Program

Go Forward Plan

During your assessment, we will create a focused plan to propel your business forward. This comprehensive strategy will encompass a tailored marketing program, refined product messaging and positioning, and a meticulous approach to audience profiling and targeting. By analyzing the results of the assessment, we will develop a concise and actionable plan that aligns with your business goals.

This plan will outline the specific marketing initiatives, messaging strategies, and audience segmentation techniques that will drive your business’s success. Our aim is to provide you with a clear roadmap that maximizes the impact of your marketing efforts, effectively communicates your product’s value, and enables precise targeting of key audiences. With this go-forward plan in hand, you can confidently execute your marketing strategy and achieve meaningful results.

Program Execution

At this stage, you have the flexibility to determine your level of involvement in implementing the marketing program. We recognize that different businesses face unique financial challenges, and we are here to accommodate your specific needs. You have the option to choose how the program is executed: we can provide training and assistance to a member of your team, handle the entire program ourselves, or deliver specific parts of the program through our agency resources. The decision is entirely up to you, allowing you to tailor the approach that best suits your business and resources.

Management & Mentorship

We value the significance of continuous support for your business. Our committed team specializes in offering customized assistance to meet your unique requirements. Through a careful evaluation of your team’s needs, we will develop a personalized support program, guaranteeing your company receives the essential guidance to maintain a prosperous path. Count on us to be with you throughout your journey, providing unwavering support at every stage.

Accelerator Programs Designed to Get Your New Business Off the Ground

Choose Your Accelerator


3 Month Program


Get It Off The Ground

This program is designed to help new business get off the ground and start earning revenue. 

* Credit can be used for any agency services that we offer and applied to marketing items identified in your marketing program.


6 Month Program


Need Some Extra Energy

Tailor-made for companies seeking guidance navigating market conditions and formulating a solid roadmap for success.

* Credit can be used for any agency services that we offer and applied to marketing items identified in your marketing program.


8 Month Program


Turn It Up

Perfect for companies seeking to optimize their existing marketing and sales programs.

* Credit can be used for any agency services that we offer and applied to marketing items identified in your marketing program.

Who We Work With

We connect Canadian startups with industry partners, ensuring access to up-to-date grants, sponsorships, and services from Not for Profits, Government Agencies, and Corporations.


We express our deep gratitude towards our invaluable not-for-profit partners. As active participants in the SMB and startup ecosystem, we are privileged to be able to recognize and connect with exceptionally talented individuals and groundbreaking ideas.

Their contributions enrich our journey and open doors to limitless possibilities. We cherish the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and grow together, fueling innovation and fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial community. Our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering transformative ideas remains unwavering, thanks to the support and collaboration of our esteemed not-for-profit partners. Together, we can continue to make a profound impact on the business landscape.


We deeply appreciate the indispensable resources and opportunities provided by government agencies to our clients. Their unwavering support and proactive involvement in nurturing the entrepreneurial community are crucial components of the SMB and Startup ecosystem.

Through their dedicated efforts, they contribute to the growth and development of businesses, empowering our clients to thrive and succeed. We recognize and value their commitment to fostering innovation, creating a conducive environment for startups, and driving economic progress. The collaboration between our clients and government agencies is instrumental in shaping a vibrant and resilient entrepreneurial landscape that benefits us all.


Our corporate sponsorship enables us to provide programs to individuals overcoming business entry obstacles. We aim to empower marginalized communities and those with brilliant ideas but limited capital, ensuring equal access to essential business services for starting and managing their ventures.

Your support is invaluable, and we are constantly seeking assistance. If you’d like further details about our corporate sponsorship programs, we would gladly engage in a conversation with you. Together, we can make a difference in fostering entrepreneurship and enabling aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

Leadership Team

Daniel Monzon

CEO, Co-Founder

Daniel Monzon is an Entrepreneur. Born in Lima, Peru and raised in Calgary, Alberta Canada.
Being born with one arm and one leg has taught me the importance of having a good support system, the value of persistence and having a positive attitude.

I started Creative//Social, an Information Management Company in 2015, which grew into a Management Consulting Firm that helps people and organizations bring their ideas to life.

Over the past 10 years I have experience working in a number of industries including construction, technology, supply chain, finance, energy and all three levels of government: Federal, Provincial and Municipal.

I have volunteered at the Shriners Hospital, as an English-Spanish translator, and at the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society, helping Immigrants with resume building and networking skills.


Jesse Lalli

Marketing, Co-Founder,

Having graduated from the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business, I began my career journey by joining Blair & Co in 2015.​

​Prior to that, I worked in a non-profit student organization called AIESEC, working to help bridge cultural barriers globally. I was primarily involved in marketing and conference organization and management. ​

​At Blair & Co. Advertising, I really started to build my toolbox and today I work as an Account Director alongside our creative and programming team to help our clients realize success on many different real estate projects in Alberta, B.C., and other areas in Canada.

​Alongside my partner, Shanna, we have launched our own small business – Tigers & Wolves; a pet accessories store offering modern and stylish products to help enrich the bond between owners and their pets.

Steve Blair

Marketing, Co-Founder

I graduated with a degree in English from the University of Calgary in 1999. After spending time in Halifax, Toronto and Edmonton I moved to Calgary in 2007 to take over the local Consumer Strategies Group office. ​

With over 25 years of marketing experience, I have had the pleasure of working hand in hand with many entrepreneurs as they have sought to launch their companies. ​

In 2012 I stated my own agency Blair and Co, and in 2016 I opened Salesmatic. Over the past 3 years I have also started Knowfo, an information and data brokering agency. In 2021 I worked to start Polity – an ambitious imagining of the election process and our place within it. ​

​I come from three generations of small business entrepreneurs and believe in the power and importance of small business. My desire has been to work with potential business owners and help them overcome the barriers of entry they may experience.

Julian Dobre

Lawyer, Co-Founder

I am an articling student at a legal startup in Alberta that aims to deliver services over the cloud. I recently graduated with a JD/MBA from the University of Calgary, specializing in technology commercialization and innovation theory.

I have work experience in energy, securities regulation and technology. I am an active, bipartisan volunteer on political campaigns in Alberta, and have expertise navigating elections at all levels of government.

To this end, I founded a tech startup, Polity, that aims to host democratic elections online. Outside of my career I’m an active member of Calgary’s music scene, as a producer and blues guitarist.


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