Through our partnerships we are able to connect Canadian new business with leasing industry partners, ensuring access to up-to-date grants, sponsorships, and services from Not for Profits, Government Agencies, and Corporations.

Who We Work With


At Catapult Startups, we are committed to empowering new Canadians—immigrants, newcomers, and refugees—who aspire to start their own small businesses or launch startups. We understand the unique challenges faced by individuals navigating a new entrepreneurial landscape, and we provide specialized business services tailored to their needs.

Working closely with not-for-profit organizations that offer entrepreneurial programs, Catapult Startups enhances these initiatives by delivering strategic insights and practical support. Our services are designed to streamline operations, enhance marketing efforts, and broaden market penetration, enabling these new entrepreneurs to thrive in competitive environments.

We focus on refining existing business processes, uncovering new growth opportunities, and implementing advanced technology solutions to increase efficiency and enhance customer engagement. Our hands-on support is particularly valuable for small businesses at the start-up phase, helping them to adapt quickly and effectively.

By partnering with Catapult Startups, not-for-profit organizations can significantly boost the success rate of their entrepreneurial programs. We provide the extra one-on-one support that small businesses need in the beginning, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge to succeed. Together, we’re helping to build a vibrant, diverse, and prosperous business community.


At Catapult Startups, we collaborate closely with federal, provincial, and municipal government economic development organizations to de-risk their capital investments in economic development projects. Our focus is on projects that build capacity and stimulate growth in both new and existing industries, ultimately creating jobs and bolstering the economy.

We specialize in assisting first-time entrepreneurs and new Canadians in navigating the complexities of the Canadian business landscape. Through our partnerships, we provide these entrepreneurs with vital resources and guidance, ensuring they are utilized effectively to launch successful small businesses or startups. Our role is to make sure that these ventures not only take off but also contribute significantly to economic growth and job creation.

Working together with government bodies, we help implement strategies that are designed to minimize risks associated with public investments while maximizing the impact on community development and economic enhancement. Our approach is professional yet friendly, reflecting our commitment to fostering a supportive ecosystem where entrepreneurs can thrive and contribute to a robust economy.


At Catapult Startups, we foster dynamic partnerships with corporate entities to provide essential resources and services that empower entrepreneurs, particularly those who are first-time and new Canadians, to successfully launch, grow, and scale their businesses. Our collaboration with corporate partners extends beyond mere financial support, integrating comprehensive sponsorship networking, workshops, showcases, and participation in local sporting events. These initiatives are designed not only to bolster the entrepreneurial spirit but also to enhance brand visibility within the vibrant community of new Canadian entrepreneurs.

Through the generous contributions of our corporate sponsors, we are able to offer the Launch Scholarships, which allow first-time and new Canadian entrepreneurs to access Catapult Startups’ programs at no cost. This vital support removes financial barriers and opens up opportunities for these entrepreneurs to thrive in a competitive market.

We invite businesses interested in fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and increasing their engagement with a diverse business community to join us. By partnering with Catapult Startups, your organization can play a crucial role in supporting emerging businesses and contribute directly to the economic enrichment of our community.

If your business is looking to make a meaningful impact and connect with an energetic and innovative entrepreneurial community, please contact us to explore partnership opportunities. Together, we can create a supportive environment where new ideas flourish and businesses succeed.

Key Partners

Current Government Programs

ElevateIP Alberta Program

We empower New Canadian entrepreneurs to harness the full potential of their intellectual property (IP), ensuring equitable access to resources, guidance, and strategic support.

Our role is to be an advocate in navigating the IP landscape, championing your unique needs while positioning your business for growth and competitive advantage.

ElevateIP Alberta is delivered on behalf of the University of Calgary, by Innovate Calgary and Economic Development Lethbridge, with support from Catapult Startups. ElevateIP Recipient, a program of Innovation, Science and economic Development Canada.