Our Process

At Catapult we have engineered a proven process that will help get your business launched. Select from our standard monthly programs or customize your own.

Get To Know Our Process

At Catapult Startups, we specialize in partnering with organizations of varying sizes—from nimble startups to well-established small businesses and expansive large organizations—to drive growth and foster innovation across every aspect of their operations. Here’s how our tailored approach meets the distinct needs of each type:

Startup Program

For startups, our primary goal is to help them transition from concept to market with a viable product in hand. We provide comprehensive support through the formative stages of business development, including mentorship in product development, market entry strategies, and funding acquisition. Our efforts are geared towards building a scalable business model that ensures a robust foundation and a clear trajectory for initial growth and beyond.

Small Business

Small businesses gain from our strategic insights designed to streamline operations, enhance marketing efforts, and broaden market penetration. Our interventions focus on refining existing processes, discovering new growth opportunities, and deploying advanced technology solutions to boost efficiency and enhance customer engagement. We offer hands-on support to enable small businesses to adapt and succeed in competitive environments.

Large Organizations

For large organizations, our strategy revolves around building capacity, optimizing organizational structure, and fostering sustained growth. We help these entities stay ahead of industry trends and scale their operations efficiently through:

Building Capacity: Implementing advanced technological solutions and training programs to enhance productivity and operational capabilities.

Organizational Structure: Providing expert advice on organizational design to improve efficiency, streamline communication, and ensure alignment with strategic goals.

Fostering Growth: Conducting comprehensive market analysis to identify new opportunities and developing strategies that support sustainable expansion.

Catapult Startups delivers in-depth analysis, strategy development, and the integration of new technologies to drive efficiency and support growth initiatives. We also spearhead transformation projects that prepare large organizations to face future challenges effectively.

Across all business sizes, Catapult Startups ensures that each client receives personalized support tailored to their specific market conditions and needs. Our commitment to adaptive strategies, combined with our extensive industry experience, empowers businesses to not only meet their current objectives but also to innovate and pursue a broader vision for the future.

Support From Beginning to End

Catapult Startups provides a structured framework to help startups achieve their business goals through a three-stage process: Go Forward Plan, Execution, and Ongoing Support. This structure ensures that each startup receives comprehensive, step-by-step guidance tailored to their specific needs, from initial planning to sustainable growth. Here’s a detailed look at what each stage involves:

Go Forward Plan

In this initial phase, Catapult Startups works with you to create a solid foundation for your venture. We focus on understanding your business idea, challenges, and market opportunities through in-depth discussions and analysis. Key activities include:

Goal Setting: Together, we define clear, actionable goals and milestones that align with your long-term vision.

Customized Planning: Development of tailored business plans, financial models, and marketing strategies that set the stage for successful execution.


With a solid plan in place, you move into the execution stage, where these strategies are implemented. This phase is about turning plans into action and tangible results. Activities in this phase include:

Product Development: Guidance in developing your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or enhancing your existing product based on market feedback.

Market Engagement: Implementation of marketing and sales strategies to connect with your target audience and build customer relationships.

Resource Allocation: Efficient management of both human and financial resources to ensure optimal implementation of business strategies.

Ongoing Support

The final stage of the process provides continuous support to ensure sustained growth and to help navigate the challenges of scaling up. This support includes:

Regular Check-Ins: Scheduled meetings to assess progress against goals, discuss any issues, and make necessary strategy adjustments.

Performance Monitoring: Continuous tracking and analysis of key performance indicators to gauge the effectiveness of strategies and operations.

Network Expansion: Ongoing opportunities to connect with mentors, industry experts, and potential investors through our extensive network.

Startup Programs

Get to MVP

“Get To MVP” is structured to support startups in refining their product to achieve a market-ready MVP. Through this program, you will engage in a series of targeted services that are crucial for early-stage development.

Access Capital

“Access Capital” is structured to support startups in securing a range of funding options to fuel their growth and operations. Throughout the duration of the program, startups engage in a series of targeted services that are crucial for securing capital.

Scale Up

The “Scale Up” program is tailored to businesses seeking to refine and expand their marketing efforts and sales capabilities. During this comprehensive 8-month engagement, your company will benefit from a series of targeted services essential for scaling effectively.

Small Business Programs


The “Launch” program is designed to help businesses effectively enter the market or enhance their presence through a series of targeted services.


The “Boost” program offers a comprehensive suite of services aimed at optimizing your marketing effectiveness and sales performance.

Make It Your Own

Spanning 6 to 18 months, this program allows you to tailor services specifically to your needs, ensuring that every aspect of your business strategy is meticulously crafted to ensure success.